Q: How does this program work?
A: When you upgrade your account for just $50 every 3 months I will send 10,000 visitors to your new affiliate site. Don't get turned off by the $50 subscription. Keep reading and I am going to show you how you can cancel Your subscription and still make a Lifetime Income with me.

Anyone who joins from your 10,000 visitors will also receive 10,000 visitors to their affiliate site (which is in your downline and you get paid for anyone joining them) but you will also receive an additional 10,000 Visitors because of them joining and the same will happen for anyone forever that joins in your downline. You also receive a $10 reoccurring commission for any member on your 1st Level and a $10 reoccurring commission for all members on your 2nd Level.

That's right every time someone joins on your 1st level they and you receive 10,000 more hits to both of your pages. You are provided with a hits tracker in your members area under the Stats Link where you can watch as the 10,000 hits are recorded to your personal site.

Remember there is no limit to how many members can join you on your 1st and 2nd level. The width of your organization is Unlimited.

Remember all this is occurring in your downline because of all the traffic the 10,000 visitors will constantly be bringing you and your downline without you lifting a finger.

If you want to get off to a fast start or buy positions for your family members you can purchase as many positions in my program as you want. How many programs let you do that? But wait you don't have to buy more positions if you don't want because I am going to give you Free Paid positions under you.

Your additional positions will go on your 1st Level and they will automatically receive 10,000 new visitors and your original position will receive 10,000 more visitors. Are you starting to see where this is headed? Unlimited Visitors to all your personal sites and Unlimited New Visitors to all your downline members sites.

And you know what all those hits to your websites are going to bring? Money, and lots of it. Also all of your additional positions will pay you a double commission of $20 every time a 2nd level member joins under one of those positions.

Now were getting tons of Paying visitors to all your sites and making lots of money but now it gets even better. Remember me telling you I would show you a way you could cancel your $50 subscriptions @ anytime and still make a Lifetime Income with my program?

Here's how. When you start making money (one of the reasons to start with multiple positions) you can cancel your 1 or more subscriptions and I will allow you to keep you present and futue downlines and all future commissions for Life. Anything that happens in your downline is your forever without you ever paying another dime.

How many programs have ever offered you that? Let me guess......................NONE HAS NEVER BEEN DONE. That's how strong this program is. It has never been done......NEVER.

I don't encourage you to cancel your small subscriptions. If your subscriptions are driving your organization higher and higher there is no reason to cancel them if you are making lots of money from them. The subscriptions are what drives all the reoccurring commissions but hey that's up to you. It will always be an option.

Regardless if you purchase extra positions or just receive a free paid position every 3 months you will eventually have many 1st level positions that will earn you a double reoccurring commission of $20 from your 2nd Level positions.

This is truly the first Fully Automated Business EVER. It is all possible because of the 10,000 hits that will be purchased for you over and over again driving a massive amount of traffic to Your sites and that is what drives downlines and commissions, TRAFFIC & NUMBERS IS THE NAME OF THE GAME.

Don't hesitate and lose out on this great opportunity. Upgrade Today and watch you hit counter explode along with your income. This will cost you under .60 a day to give it a try.